DCCB Computerisation

The Karimnagar DCCB has implemented ‘Core Banking Solution’(CBS) in the district with a centralized data center at Hyderabad with the support of Telangana State Coop. Apex Bank Ltd., The ‘CBS’ upon customization, would work on a virtual single database, with the capability of system administration, in respect of user administration, product creation and the like, provided to the operations of the DCCB. It is envisaged to parameterize the different products specific. M/s: Polaris Financial Technologies is the Consultant-Cum-Software Provider (CSP) for the Project. As on date, all the 67 Branches of the Bank are computerized and migrated to Core Banking Solution and working online. Bank has taken up new technological initiatives by entering into the centralized payments system offering RTGS/NEFT services to the customers from October 2012 onwards. Further Direct Benefit Transfer (DBTL), and Aadhar Based Payment Bridge System (ABBs) are also implemented for providing immediate release of subsidies to the clients of DCCBs.

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