Personal Banking

Savings Deposits:

The bank opens Savings Bank accounts to our customers with Zero balance ( Without cheques ) and Rs 1000/- with cheque book. Prompt and effective services giving to our customers at all our 35 branches & Ho . Interest providing @4% P.a

Current Account:

The customers permitted to make any number of with drawals and deposits in the a/c without any restriction. This A/c is suitable for the business people and can be operated with the cheque book facility only.

Fixed Deposits:

We are giving attractive rate of interests on fixed deposits for general and with payment of interest Monthly, Quarterly or Half yearly suitable to the depositors and additional benefit of 0.5% t Senior Citizens on all types of term deposits.

Recurring deposit:

Under this scheme, the customer can save small amount in monthly installments for a fixed term to get back a lumsum, useful for employees, trading community etc.,

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