Shathabdhi Deposit

SHATHABDHI Deposit (1000 days)

1. Individuals
2. Institutions
3. Societies

  • Any person or persons approved by the Bank.
  • Co-operative Societies, Registered Trust, Institutions and Associations.
  • By two or more persons in their joint names.
  • By a natural guardian i.e., father or mother approved by the bank on behalf of a minor.


  • Minimum Deposit amount is Rs.10000/-
  • Deposit duration is fixed for 1000 days.


  • Interest will be paid on this deposit at the rate 7.00%.
  • Interest amount will be paid at the time of maturity.

The Bank will issue a receipt in favour of the depositor/s showing the amount deposited, the period for which the deposit is accepted, maturity date and maturity amount.
In case of loss of original Fixed Deposit Receipt the depositors would have to intimate the bank immediately. On an application satisfying the prescribed rules the certificate indicating the particulars of the deposit will be issued to the depositor. The Bank will charge Duplicate Receipt Charges at such rates as in force from time to time.
The Bank reserves the right to alter, amend, rescind the rules from time to time.
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